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26 Jan
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What students care about when considering a job?

by Carolina Vargas

What students care about when considering a jobSometimes universities and business schools don´t take in consideration what students care about when considering a job after graduation. One of the added values of studying at a university is the benefit that it gives to students to find the job of their dreams. Thus the more the universities know what students want, the easier it gets to convey reliable information about why studying in your university is better than the others in terms of job opportunities after graduation.

Before considering “excellent job opportunities after graduating” as one of the key selling points of your university, first you should know what is important to students when it comes to getting their first job.

During the elaboration of the Student Recruitment 2.0 report 2015, LinkedIn researches asked students in North America to rank the importance of certain job attributes. It turns out that while a balanced lifestyle and compensation are important, they also highly prioritize culture fit, career path, and sense of pride with the company the choose. The results of the survey were the following ones:

What students value the most: 

  • Work/life balance
  • Excellent compensation & benefits
  • Culture that fits my personality
  • Strong career path
  • A place where I’d be proud to work

What students value the least: 

  • Internal transfer opportunities
  • A company with a long-term strategic vision
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Values employee contributions
  • Having a good relationship with your superiors

Think about how these attributes can contribute to the branding of your university or business school, then incorporate or take in consideration what´s appropriate to your marketing strategy. This way, by taking in consideration what students care about when considering a job as part of the strategy, recruiting students that value employment prospects will become easier and also, this will help to the positive branding of the school.

Source: LinkedIn student recruitment 2.0 report 2015

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