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8 Jan
Student Recruitment Most Common Mistakes | Web2Present.com

Student Recruitment Most Common Mistakes

by Melissa Perich

Student Recruitment Most Common Mistakes

To optimize success, institutions must use research and planning to identify and target students, develop programs to meet those student’s’ goals, then follow through with strong, personalized recruitment and enrolment efforts. Some institutions may choose to implement a complete marketing and recruiting solution to most efficiently and effectively make use of valuable resources.

But when things go wrong in the process, not only we lose the time and energy we spent on the campaigns, but we lose our important goal, our target goal.

Here are the common mistakes campaign managers and recruitment companies make when trying to recruit international students.

  1. Having a slow website.

Every educative Institution requires the ability to communicate all the valuable information in a safe place. Having a website is ideal to let everybody know about your programmes, admission dates and the other tabs like blogs, services, etc. This website should be optimate and have a reliable domain in order to be fast and proactive.

  1. Not paying attention to details

When you’re trying to bring International Students to apply for your programmes its significant to have the important details pretty clear. To know and understand your desired target, to know and understand the age, ethnicity and geographical location of applicants you want, to understand how your desired target communicates and receives information, to understand the importance of marketing campaigns and to communicate effectively.

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  1. Not being able to hold a webinar

Webinars are key when it comes to promoting programmes. It’s a plus to be able to generate leads through online open days and let experts in the field help you with this task. Companies like Web2present are developing the best and most innovative strategies in the market today to promote your programmes worldwide and they do everything, from creating campaigns to production and promotions. Universities and Business Schools can benefit from this service and engage with International Students faster and efficiently.  Find out more, download tour Media Kit today.

  1. Mediocre social media engagement

We all know that creating campaigns to promote is vital but most imperative is the fact that we need to select the right channels to promote them. Once you have investigated your target, the second step would be to engage with them via social media. Now you may think this is easy, however not every social media out there is viable when promoting a specific programme. Then again it all comes to knowing your target.

Your approach on social media needs to be direct and concise. Promote in a clear way, include the link for the registration page and the most relevant information about the programme you’re promoting.

  1. Targeting the wrong students

This is a very common mistake many marketers and Universities tend to make. Not only it will be detrimental for your programme campaigns but also will fill your registration page with the wrong crowd. At the end of the campaign, you will see that the applicants aren´t truly fit for the programmes or will be unable to enroll.

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