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6 Aug
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Indentify, Attract, Engage and Enroll the Right Students

by Melissa Perich

Indentify, Attract, Engage and Enroll the Right Students

Students today can be identified as the hardest target in the market for international student recruiters. They know what they want, and they want it now. Most of these kids already have a plan in life and wants to move forward with it. They want to be able to achieve a better future and assure a great job after they’re done, making them a rough target and not an easily convincing one.

However, after years of experience in the international student recruitment field, I can say with honesty, that there’ s hope for the marketing departments out there, working hard to push their University or School programmes.

The market is full of challenges. Recruiters around the world also face:

  • Declining enrolment and budget
  • Increased competition
  • Multiple Media trajectories

Institutions often attempt to introduce new degree programs or to launch broad institution-wide advertising and marketing campaigns. However, the results, regardless of the strategy applied is often pretty unpredictable.

The key to enrolment growth and competitive strength in today’s higher education market is to offer the right programs to the right specific target. Using digital marketing and recruitment strategies in decision making will help boost enrolment, leading to more positive outcomes for both students and institutions.

Research the market first

In order to attract the right target to your university programmes, they should align with 3 data-based objectives.

  • Applicant goals
  • The institutions brand identity
  • The job markets
  1. Applicant Goals

Understanding what students demand

Market researches will develop a clear picture of which degrees, skills, and industries are the most interest its prospective students.  What type of programs are they looking for? what modality of learning is more comfortable for them?  How much time does the programme last?

Institutions must answer these questions before starting any promotion as it will be a detriment when designing a good campaign.

2. Job Market opportunities

Research employment opportunities

It’s important to understand the fact that students nowadays are following a specific path towards achieving a degree that will position them into the job market of their choosing. Corporations that have partnered with an institution can offer valuable insight into their priorities and perspectives on the current and upcoming workforce.


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      3. Make the best Media Choices

Marketing campaigns vary depending on the specific target, however, when choosing the best ones, institutions will have to decide which one works best. A broad mix of different strategies will give greater exposure. From building trust by creating content, to expose the programs on different social media embassies like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You choose which one works best to penetrate the right target.

Nurture prospective Applicants

With the proper objectives, each institution can turn prospects into applicants using a few highly effective tactics.

These nurturing activities will progressively increase prospects engagement with the institution and unceasingly move them closer to enrolment.

Each lead should receive timely, consistently follow up. A customized timetable that suits the marketing strategy.


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