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3 Sep
How to choose a good title for a student recruitment webinar?

How to choose a good title for a student recruitment webinar?

by Carolina Vargas

Choosing a good title for a webinar can be challenging. Specially if you consider yourself as a non-creative person or if you are trying to stand out among all those webinars from other universities listed out there…

The purpose of this article is to share with you some tips on how to choose a good title for a student recruitment webinar, so next time you are going through this, you can come up with an engaging title for the webinar of your institution.

So… How to choose a good title for a student recruitment webinar?


🎯 Set up your goals

Sit and think why are you doing a webinar. Write down the goals you want to accomplish by doing this webinar. Think how many applications do you want to get, think about what educational programme are you interested in promoting, think about what features from your university are you interested in highlighting. This step is the most important part. After defining all this, choosing a title will be easier.


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🔎 Do a research

Once you have defined what your main goals are, it’s time to analyse your competitors titles and to check what is going on in the industry. You don’t want to copy their ideas or use the same title they are using. You must be original. Make sure to stay updated and to analyse all what matters, and from there, start thinking about what kind of title suits the best to your goals, to your potential students and to what is happening on the market.


📝 Brainstorm a little

Before choosing the title of the webinar is important to take a piece of paper and start writing random titles. No matter how silly they sound. This list might be useful at some point. We recommend you to write around 20 titles.


📍 Make your webinar title specific

After doing the brainstorming session. Let’s focus on writing 3 alternative titles for the webinar. The perfect title for your webinar should be specific and to the point. For example, a webinar title like How to Kickstart your career is far too general to appeal to potential students.

However, if you choose something like ’Learn to build future technologies for The Internet with a MSc in Telecommunication’ is a working title that is much more specific. So, make sure that your title is very specific in its message so that you reach the perfect audience.


🎇 Spice up your title

You need to evoke strong emotions when choosing the title for your student recruitment webinar. So, use words like “amazing”, “Impressive”, “Outstanding”, “Extraordinary”.

Also don’t forget to always take into consideration the following ideas to spice up your title:

  • The Famous 101: 101 ways our students have changed the world with our MBA
  • The How to: How to become an entrepreneur with our world-class MBA
  • Offer online classes in a webinar: Masterclass: 10 skills all young entrepreneurs should embrace, Workshop: How to learn better time management skills for your career.


✂️ Keep it short

We know probably you have a lot to say about your institution. But avoid doing it in the title. Bare in mind that when a potential student have to read your title for the first time, when it is too long, they might not get the main idea.

We recommend you to try to keep the title as short as possible. Here are the advantages of having a short title for your webinar:

  • Your webinar title will be displayed completely in search engines.
  • Shorter titles (between 12 and 14 words) are more likely to get shared on social media.
  • More people click on short titles.
  • The title will fit on the inbox when sending email marketing invitations.


Final thoughts…

We hope this article on How to choose a good title for a student recruitment webinar was useful to you.

Don’t forget that the idea of choosing a title is to generate interest and curiosity in our target audience. A title that is engaging and that produces virality. But also is important to keep it simple. Don’t get crazy or stressed trying to find the perfect title. If you follow all these steps, we ensure you you will come up with an excellent title that suits the purpose of the student recruitment webinar.

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How to choose a good title for a student recruitment webinar?

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