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12 Nov
10 Creative Ways To Recruit Students | Web2Present.com

10 Creative Ways To Recruit Students

by Carolina Vargas

Creative ways to recruit students

Through the years the Universities around the world from America to Asia have implemented different ways of recruiting new students. Some of them have been a less effective, others a successful strategy of student recruitment.

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In order to be successful in your student recruitment efforts your University or College must not only look at what others have done with success but also implement new creative ways to engage students and to make them fall in love with your university, with your programme and with your location.

Here we detail you a list of 10 creative ways to recruit students, ways that will arm you and your university with a whole new set of tricks!

1. Create viral videos  

Who doesn’t love to watch a video about a university, the campus or the student life? Visual ideas are always great to engage students. Alumni filmmakers and students often create viral videos or short films that successfully share  what they think was great about their university and thereby help spread the word online.

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2. Student blogs 

Student blogs are always a useful tool to build credibility among prospective students. Create a blog and mantain it actively. Use the social media channels of the university to spread the posts of the blog. Be engaging by asking by writing interesting content and pose questions that are important to the students.

3. Salary reports

Students nowadays often look to salary reports when searching for their next study opportunity. Do statistics show that your graduates can obtain a great job and a good salary by studying a programme in your university?  Always highlight your best features!

4. Overseas agents 

A great way to recruit international students is sending agents overseas or hiring agents in different countries of the world. These agents advertise and go to recruitment fairs in foreign countries, something that most universities don’t have the resources to do without outside help. Note however that agents tend to work for more than one university and therefore will push whichever program they find the easiest to fill up. You typically cannot expect 100% loyalty from your agents as they tend to have many masters.

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5. Facebook and Instagram Strategy

Take advantage of the popularity and success of Facebook and Instagram between the students. Your university should use Facebook and Instagram streams and tagging to encourage students to take the lead and share their own photos.

6. Online Open Days 

A fresh way to recruit students this year is by doing webinars. There are companies like Webinars4you that offer universities the possibility of hosting an Online Open Day to recruit students. Students who are interested in a University or a programme in specific can register to this online event and participate in an interactive session to obtain more information about the university, programme features and admissions process. No travel required and you have the option to host it yourself OR have us produce and moderate it for you! Find out how here! 

7. Social Media date reminders 

Admissions officers on social media keep their Universities at the forefront of students’ minds by posting reminders, news, and application deadlines on Facebook and Twitter. Always remember: Students spend a large amount of their time online. The questions is; do you?

8. Old-fashioned phone calls  

In today’s world of online interaction, some schools take an older, more personal approach: phone calls. It doesn’t work for every student, but some are impressed by the personal touch!

9. Freebies

Would you choose a university based on getting a free iPad? That was the strategy of one university in the US. It announced that it would be giving free Apple iPads to all incoming undergraduate freshmen, and it worked. If your university can’t afford Ipad’s there are other cheaper freebies that might work aswell.Just use your imagination. Sometimes the simplest ideas generate best results!

10. YouTube Channel

Make use of YouTube to spread the word about why it is so great to study in your University. Upload videos of students talking about your educational programmes and share it across social media. Videos are great to transmit emotions and to convince students to make a choice. When are you starting to record your videos?

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