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3 Sep

How to choose a good title for a student recruitment webinar?

by Carolina Vargas

Choosing a good title for a webinar can be challenging. Specially if you consider yourself as a non-creative person or if you are trying to stand out among all those webinars from other universities listed out there…

The purpose of this article is to share with you some tips on how to choose a good title for a student recruitment webinar, so next time you are going through this, you can come up with an engaging title for the webinar of your institution.

12 Aug

10 Creative Ways To Recruit Students

by Carolina Vargas

Creative ways to recruit students

Through the years the Universities around the world from America to Asia have implemented different ways of recruiting new students. Some of them have been a less effective, others a successful strategy of student recruitment.

Host a live student recruitment webinar that boosts your enrollments

In order to be successful in your student recruitment efforts your University or College must not only look at what others have done with success but also implement new creative ways to engage students and to make them fall in love with your university, with your programme and with your location.

10 Jul

Live Streaming as a Powerful Resource to Recruit New Students

by Carolina Vargas

How can live streaming help you recruiting new students?

Another emerging digital marketing strategy for higher education is the increasing tendency of use of live streams. Facebook Live, Instagram TV, Instagram Stories, Snapchat, Tik Tok, Periscope and Live Student Recruitment Webinars are the big players in this arena.

Live streams are often viewed as “more authentic” and “more engaging” by many millennials and the generation Z, and can be a great way to build relationships with potential students.

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