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5 Feb
Best Ways to Recruit Students from Latin America | Web2Present.com

by Carolina Vargas

Best Ways to Recruit Students from Latin America

To recruit students from Latin America it is very important to understand their behavior and interests when deciding where to study abroad. Study destination, type of programme, field of study and purchasing power are some important variables to consider.

It is a big mistake to think that all the countries of Latin America think and make the same study abroad choices. It is important to separate the marketing strategies by country, they should never be the same …

A clear example of this are the preferences of study destinations. A Mexican student may prefer to study in the United Kingdom, while a student from Colombia or Argentina will choose to study in Spain.

Another important factor to recruit students from Latin America is to determine if each one of the students from these countries prefers to study their Master’s Degree abroad and to study their Bachelor’s Degree in their home countries, or vice versa, to study the Bachelor’s Degree abroad and to get their Master’s Degrees in their home countries.

Once you understand the behavior of students from the different countries in Latin America all your marketing campaigns for recruiting students from Latin America will be more effective and will get better results.

As your global partner in student recruitment, here we share with you the best ways to recruit students from Latin America:

Best Ways to Recruit Students from Latin America | Web2Present.com

Online Open Days or Student Recruitment Webinars

Online Open Days or Student Recruitment Webinars will allow you to present your different educational programs to Latin American students.

Potential Latino students will connect from their mobile phones or laptops to hear more about why it is a good idea to study at your university.

You’ll have the opportunity of presenting live your University to these potential students for 45 minutes, managing to  save time and travel costs. Also reaching a larger audience in one single effort.

The organization and promotion of the student recruitment webinar can be in house or you can delegate it to companies like Web2Present.com, who carry out the whole process for you. Watch a Free Demo Here

Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Running campaigns on Facebook and Instagram will allow you to reach lots of potential students from Latin America. Try to use Spanish content adapted to each area of Latin America. Bare in mind that in Peru, Spanish is not spoken in the same way as it is spoken in Uruguay.

In other words, we recommend creating well-segmented campaigns for each country. Never mix all the countries in the same campaign. Be creative and use striking images according to the age groups of your interest.

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Best Ways to Recruit Students from Latin America | Web2Present.com

Your Website and its SEO

In Student Recruitment, competing with other universities in Google is a hard task. Make sure to hire an expert who optimises your University’s website so more students can find you easily on Google. Make sure your website works very well and is modern. Remember you are not their only option out there. Make them fall in love with you from the first time they go to your website.

Make sure it works perfectly on mobile as more than 50% of your potential students will be visiting your website through their mobile phones.

According to Statista.com, in 2018, 52.2%  of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones. Optimise your University’s website so it also becomes a powerful student recruitment tool. Also don’t forget that all your student recruitment marketing campaigns and efforts will land there.

Google Ads

Investing in Google Adwords can be expensive, but if other universities are doing it, you should do it. Do not stay out of the competition. Often many students do not find out about good educational programs due to their lack of visibility.

Make sure to choose the right keywords and avoid throwing money to the garbage. Try campaigns in both languages, Spanish and English, and compare the results. Most of the students might search in Spanish but other might search in English to obtain a bigger scope.

When done correctly, Google Ads can be a strong student recruitment tool.

Best Ways to Recruit Students from Latin America | Web2Present.com

Video Marketing

Video Marketing is a strong student recruitment tool. It´s a great way to boost awareness about your University and to transmit strong emotions.

Make a video in Spanish, have a latin student share their experience studying abroad in your university and how it will have a positive impact in his professional future. Recruit students using emotions.

After recording the video, set up targeted campaigns on YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. 3…2…1… It’s time to get creative! (Related: Online Open Days)

Visit Schools and Universities in Latin America

Traditional ways are also good tools. To recruit students from Latin America we recommend contacting several schools and universities in various latin american countries to schedule visits and present your educational programs to them.

Bring brochures with you and business cards. Show them a video about the campus and answer all the questions they might have. This might give you an advantage among all the universities that are not doing this.

In addition, explore the option of making joint programmes with some latin universities. It might result a benefitial option for your institution in the long term.


In conclusion, do not forget that it is extremely important to understand the psychology, interests and habits of students from different Latin American countries when marketing campaigns. Do some research.

If you need help recruiting students from Latin America, contact us and we will gladly help you to reach them and recruit them.

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