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9 Sep
8 Reasons why you should start doing On Demand Webinars with us to recruit international students

8 Reasons why you should start doing On Demand Webinars to recruit international students

by Carolina Vargas

If you have landed on this article it is because you are curious about why doing on demand webinars. But before giving you these 8 reasons, let us tell you a little bit more about us.

We are Webinars4you, a company based in Barcelona, and we are Leaders in Students Recruitment Webinars since 2010 (previously Web2Present).

We’ve helped hundreds of universities and business schools from more than 50 different countries recruiting new international students with our student recruitment webinars. In all these 10 years we have nailed the art of producing and promoting webinars, making us become the preferred company for most of universities interested in doing student recruitment webinars.

The purpose of this article is to tell you 8 reasons why you should start doing On Demand Webinars with us to recruit international students. But first, in case you don’t know what exactly is an On Demand Webinar, here is the definition:

An On Demand webinar is an informative webinar in which an Institution presents its academic programmes to potential students in approximately 45 minutes. The difference of an on demand webinar and a live webinar is that the on demand webinar is accessible to students any time..

See for yourself the latest examples from Universities worldwide: https://www.webinars4you.com/on-demand/

Now that you know who we are and what is what we do, find below 8 Reasons why you should start doing On Demand Webinars with us to recruit international students.

8 Reasons why you should start doing On Demand Webinars with us to recruit international students

#1 It’s the “Netflix” of Student Recruitment

With this student recruitment solution we’re making it easier to student recruiters and admission officers to showcase their universities, programs and faculties, saving time and money.

Students can register anytime to watch the recorded online presentation and engage with your university. They can jump to a relevant chapter whenever they want and the can watch it as many times as they want.

By hosting with us an on demand webinar, you can provide students with a unique user experience thanks to our top notch webinar streaming platform. With the following features, we ensure that your potential students get a unique experience when watching your pre-recorded student recruitment webinar:

  • Easy Access. No plugins or downloads required.
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Videos and slides
  • Chat
  • Q&A Session and Polling (Questions are sent to you by email)

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#2 It will help you recruiting new students

The main purpose of our on demand webinars are to help you recruiting new students. By doing a student recruitment webinars, you will increase your chances of attracting, engaging and converting the right students.


#3 You can present your university to students worldwide

Through an on demand webinar you will have the opportunity of showcasing your University in a recorded presentation. Students can jump to a relevant chapter and watch it as many times as they want.


#4 You’ll get production support

We have been producing webinars since 2010. Which means we have a lot of expertise. By doing an On Demand webinar with us, you won’t feel alone. Our Producer helps you record a professional presentation through our Data-driven streaming platform for no live audience. And also answers any doubt you might have in the process.


#5 You’ll get professional marketing support

When you do an on demand webinar with us, we can give you marketing support. You let us know who are your potential students and we take care of making sure that they register to watch your on demand webinar. Thanks to our expertise and international team, we can promote your On Demand to several regions around the world.


#6 You can always count on getting ongoing qualified leads

We won’t stop generating leads for your On Demand webinar until you tell us. The marketing campaign can run for a couple of weeks or months ensuring a steady stream of leads. You’ll pay a capped amount for the marketing campaign. We agree on a campaign budget, what you want to promote and the campaign duration. We want to have with you a long term relation. That is why we take care carefully on delivering leads that meet your criteria.


#7 You’ll get insightful data in real time

Another great benefit of doing an On Demand webinar with us is that we allow you to measure the ROI and success of the On Demand webinar with our smart report. From day 1, we will give you access to a real time web based report. Our smart report provides statistics such as:

  • Students registration data
  • Attendee data and engagement scores
  • Questions asked and polling answers
  • Attendee and registration page conversion rate

#8 Students love our Study abroad webinars

More than 100 Million international students have engaged with our webinar portal http://www.webinars4you.com (previously Thestudyabroadportal) and more than 110 thousand students have joined one of our webinars to learn more about the educational opportunities in various countries and universities.

If you are still looking for more reasons to do an On Demand webinar with us. Feel free to read our client testimonials here.

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