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26 May
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5 Types of Emails You Could Be Sending to Students

by Carolina Vargas

Email marketing can offer to your institution a great marketing channel that can result to be effective in many ways when done correctly.

Think about everything that is happening at your institution and how you can translate all this into email marketing. To send an email we need a purpose to get in touch with the students. Also we need to acknowledge to who are we sending this email, a proper segmentation plays an important role in email marketing.

For those who need inspiration, below we’re sharing some examples of the 5 types of emails you could be sending to students!

Welcome Email

A University should never forget to send a welcome email to its new students. Students must feel welcomed and taken into consideration since day 1. This welcome email also applies for the beginning of each new semester. Don’t forget that an effective communication builds strong relationships.

Campus update

If there’s a lot going on on the campus, students will love to hear about the latest updates, recent activities, successful stories of students, great inventions by other students. Keep in mind that an Effective communication is not about “you”, it is about discovering what students want and need and then adapting your email to match their needs.

Monthly Newsletter

Newsletters are a good excuse for maintaining regular contact with the student community.  If you have a blog, share its latest content through a monthly newsletter or any other type of content that you consider relevant.

Event invitation

If your university is constantly organizing events such as seminars, conferences, webinars and fairs in campus, sending an event invitation to the students make sense and it is a great way to add value to your institution.

Social Media Send

Sending emails through Social Media? Is this even possible? Yes, it is! If your institution owns a Google+ community by simply creating a Google+ event you’ll have the possibility of sending a direct invite to the user’s email inbox without having to collect email addresses. Another great social network is LinkedIn. As the administrator of the students’ group from your institution you have the chance of sending a LinkedIn Announcement. This will allow you also to send your email directly to the inbox from all the members of the group.

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