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25 Jan
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5 Subject Line Tricks that Get Your Emails Read by Students

by Carolina Vargas

5 Subject Line Tricks that Get Your Emails Read by Students

No one can deny that we all want our email campaigns to be read by students and/or potential students, but with the volume of messages they receive, we need to make our emails stand out from the rest. No matter how great is the content inside our campaign, if the email is never opened, no one will read or find out what we are trying to communicate.

The email subject line is your bait – it must capture your reader’s attention and it MUST be short and clear.

Since we are all involved in sending email campaigns to students, we thought that it might be very useful for all our readers to share with all of them 5 subject line tricks that get your emails read by students. Find below a full description of our recommended tips!

1. Use numbers

Stating the number of facts, ideas or thoughts grabs the student’s attention and puts them at ease. They know what to expect from your email and are assured you won’t be wasting their time. You are promising an easy, digestible format. For example: “3 outstanding reasons to study an MBA at XXX University”

2. Ask a question

Think of a question that is so intriguing to your recipient, they can’t help but click on your email to find out the answer. Try to imagine what they most want to know – and then frame the question using creative, attractive language for them. For example: Have you heard about our rotational MBA program in Europe?

3. Boost their interest

Provoke curiosity! They’ll want to know more — and they’ll open your email. This is a great opportunity to be creative. For example: “You Won’t Believe What’s Happening on the Campus!”

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4. Focus on the facts 

Sometimes the best trick is to put your facts right up front. Even if students don’t open your email, they’ll still see the key point in your subject line. They’ll know exactly what their email is about and the next time they think about your university, they will remember it without even having read the message. If you can fit your main point into the headline, go for it! For example: “XXX Business School MBA, has been ranked No. 12 in the world in the 2016 Financial Times MBA ranking”

5. Get personal 

Speak directly to the students and make an instant connection. Whatever style of subject line you choose, you can make it personal simply by using the word “you”. With this minor change of language, you are psychologically placing your reader in your subject line. Another good practice is to include the name of the student on the headline. In order to do this, you’ll need to include a special code. If you are a Mailchimp user, use the following code: *|FNAME|*.

Extra tip!

If you’re unsure which of these tricks works best for your email, try writing a couple variations or combinations of them all and testing them out on colleagues. Also you can use A/B testing. This allows you to send 2 possible subject lines out to a fraction of your subscribers and measure which one leads to higher open rates. It will then automatically send the winning subject line to the rest of your email list. A/B Testing is a great way to make sure your subject lines are effective as possible!

We hope that you have found handy this blog post on 5 subject line tricks that get your emails read by students. Best of luck when sending your next email campaign! If you have any question or any doubt, feel free to post a comment!

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