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31 Jul

5 Expert Tips When Doing Phone Quality Checks for Potential Students

by Carolina Vargas

This is a post written by Alexandra Holland, QC Expert at Web2Present.com

Doing working in phone quality check can sometimes be an overwhelming job whether it be making the excel sheet for the call list, organising CRM, calling potential students all day, or competing the final quality check at the end.

No matter what day it is, there is always something to do to make sure the rest of your sales and marketing team are performing at their best and it’s your data that will help them to either continue to do well or improve on something. So, below I’ve compiled five simple tips on how to have good and thorough phone quality check with your potential students.


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#1 Speak Clearly and Slowly

Depending on where you are from or what languages you can speak, there can easily be language barriers and/or bad connection making it difficult for students to hear and understand you. Therefore, it is imperative that you enunciate your words clearly and try to maintain a steady speaking pace (also try not to sound condescending).

When you do this, it’s helpful for those with language barriers to better understand exactly what you’re saying. In the case that it is loud where they are or if they have poor connection, they’ll have a better chance of hearing what you’re saying well enough to either continue the conversation or request that you call them back when the conditions are better.

#2 Active Listening – Match Their Tone

Sometimes we tend to forget that we are calling a multitude of different types of people. However, it can be agreed that most people aren’t exactly too thrilled to be answering questions over the phone. To alleviate this, try starting off the phone call with a positive tone and use active listening to see how they feel.

You want to match their voice but also keep influxes in your voice to keep them engaged. Of course, if they sound upset or even slightly rude, you don’t want to match that tone as it’ll only turn off the student more. The main key is active listening and making the potential student feel comfortable

#3 Be Personable

There are few things people hate more than being called and spam called by companies. And while that is not what we are doing nor trying to do, the student does not know that at first and depending on you handle the phone call may quickly assume that the phone call is exactly that – spam.

So, when engaging with the customer be sure to use their name a lot (not too much to where it’s awkwardly placed) and be as friendly as you can without coming off as insincere. It sounds like a lot to think about but in reality, it’s not. It’s just like having a regular conversation with someone and that’s the most important thing to remember – you’re just have a conversation.

#4 Short and Sweet

As I have repeated, being on the phone for a long period of time if it’s not a family member or friend is not exactly how people want to spend their day. While keeping the above tips in your head, try to keep the conversation on track and not veer off and talk too much. Unless the student initiates the excess conversation, try to keep it to a minimum and touch on the main points of what you’re trying to talk about.

#5 Smile!

Lastly, smile! When you smile your tone naturally matches it. It may sound and feel silly, but anyone who’s done phone calls for awhile will you tell you the same – smiling really has a positive effect on how your tone sounds and the flow of the conversation. Even if you have a bad call, don’t let it get to you; call another student and start with a smile.


While these tips may not help you nail every single call, they are small reminders to keep for when you are doing the calling or struggling to keep people on the phone. If you are already doing these things, great! If not, that’s okay some of you may be knew to this and not used to talking on the phone with people.  Not every phone call is going to be a victory in terms of getting answers to your quality check questions, but every little thing helps and hopefully with these tips, you’ll see some improvement in your calls. I hope these tips help and as always happy calling!

If you still have doubts about how to do a propper student quality check or are interested in outsourcing this activity, contact us and we will help you.


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