Subsea cable planning, mitigating and management

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May 28th, 2013
18:00h Amsterdam/17:00h London alarm-clock-xxl

It has been estimated that subsea cable laying accounts for between 7-10% of the capital cost of the windfarm development, but often, 70% of insurance claims from windfarm operations relate to cable damage! With major industry expansion plans on the horizon, there has never been a greater need for the industry to come together and develop a coordinated approach to the challenges it faces going forward.

This webinar deals with:

▪ cable planning, mitigating and managing
- Types of trenching equipment
▪ Performance and burial limitations
▪ Burial protection index and risk assessment
- Trenching operations and lessons learnt

In this Webinar Cathie Associates, ABB/ Siemens (TBC) will discuss the risks of cable planning, mitigating and managing it, through solutions such as reducing geotechnical risks, HVDC technology and adequate maintenance.

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