Offshore Wind Energy Logistics

April 25th, 2012
18:00h Amsterdam/17:00h London alarm-clock-xxl

General Logistics challenges for Offshore Wind Energy

- Hear about vessel fleet size and mix analysis for maintenance operations of offshore wind farms
- Learn about the work that is being done on developing an optimization model, and program, for determining optimal or close-to-optimal vessel fleet size and mix for maintenance operations of offshore wind farms within two Norwegian research projects (NOWITECH and FAROFF)
- The new logistics challenge known from the oil and gas industry that supply vessels comprise a major cost element in the logistic chain so that offshore wind farm developers can expect to obtain great cost savings by being able to analyze various vessel concepts before making investment decisions

Get and overview of the vessel fleet size and mix problem and hear about an early version of a mathematical model formulation that describes some of the problem aspects!

Looking foward to seeing you online!

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Elin Espeland Halvorsen-Weare
Research Scientist/Post Doctor MARINTEK Dep. of Maritime Transport Systems and SINTEF ICT Dep. of Applied Mathematics

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Emilien Simonot
Project Engineer, at Asociación de Energía Eólica en España- AEEOLICA

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Dirk-Jan Kootstra
Owner, Pontis Engineering