Jack-up wind turbine installation & Wave impacts on Fixed turbines

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June 28th, 2012
18:00h Amsterdam/17:00h London alarm-clock-xxl

1. Wind Jack Joint Industry Project
For jack-up wind turbine installation vessels the loads on the legs and the jacking system during touch- down and lift-off are considered as the most critical aspects in the operational performance of the vessels.

The aim of the Wind Jack JIP is to understand and predict this interaction between jack-up legs and the seabed in order to better quantify the operational limits and to make an accurate prediction of the workability of wind turbine installation vessels.
The Wind Jack JIP aims at the following participants: classification societies, designers, operators and contractors of wind turbine installation vessels or subcomponents. The JIP schedule is: initiating: until the end of Q2 2012; kick-off: end of Q2 2012; duration: 2 ½ year, until Q4 2014.

2. WiFi (Wave impacts on Fixed turbines) Joint Industry Project
Future offshore wind turbine fields will be built further offshore in more extreme environmental conditions, bringing new design challenges. The objectives of the ‘WiFi’ JIP is to improve the way effects of steep (and breaking) waves are taken into account in the design methodology of fixed offshore wind turbines, so that optimized offshore wind turbines can be developed for this future fields.

Within in the project new design methods and knowledge will be developed in the field of wave loading on different type foundations and secondary structures like boat landing platforms. Furthermore the project will give an good overview, which are the important aspects to focus on when designing a foundation and the effect on the wind turbine (dynamically). Next to this it will give important results on maximum response and loading of the foundation under extreme wave loading.
The WiFi JIP aims at the following participants: foundation designers, wind turbine manufactures, utility companies and classification societies. The JIP schedule is: kick-off Q3 2012; duration:3 year, until Q3 2015.

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Jorrit-Jan Serraris
Offshore Project Manager at Maritime Research Institute in Netherlands (MARIN)

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Erik-Jan de Ridder
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