Carbon Capture Technology 2011

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October 11th, 2011
18:00h Amsterdam/17:00h London alarm-clock-xxl

The latest developments in Carbon Capture Technologies, - the demoCLOCK project (Chemical Looping Combustion), - Pre-Combustion De-carbonization, - The Technology Centre Mongstad

In this webinar, industry leading organizations presented:

■ The latest developments in Carbon Capture
■ How does CO2-capture work?
■ Two flue gas sources and overall test strategy
■ The Amine plant, which is one of the technologies to be tested

Carbon capture and storage is the process of capturing carbon dioxide from the industrial flue gas stream and storing it underground in geological formations. In this process, the cost of capturing CO2 alone accounts for 75% of the total costs involved in sequestering the carbon dioxide.
The adoption of CCS is getting delayed due to the high costs of CCSand additional energy requirements. In order to reduce the costs involved in capturing carbon dioxide, researchers and organizations around the world are working on developing new technologies that essentially consumes less energy for capturing CO2 and thus reducing the costs of CCS.

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Earl Goetheer
Business Development Manager CCS at TNO

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Daan Jansen 
Leader of Clean Fossil Fuels Program at ECN

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Shahriar Amini 
Project Leader DemoCLOCK Project at Sintef