“A dynamic pile load test data pool for the German offshore wind industry” – Joint Industry Project DynData

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September 10th, 2013
18:00h Amsterdam/17:00h London alarm-clock-xxl

The BSH requires piles to be dynamically load tested to confirm their capacity. This is a difficult and costly requirement to satisfy offshore. In addition, the safety factors needed to justify a given pile design based on dynamic testing are not yet universally agreed. Once the piles are driven, it is too late to practically change the design. There is a real need to pool the pile testing data already available from the first projects and make that data available to the wider engineering community.

The webinar will discuss these issues and propose a Joint Industry Project to:


  • a) Facilitate the exchange of pile load test data
  • b) To progress offshore pile design methods for the offshore wind industry in Germany.


Target audience:


  • German wind farm developers
  • Structural designers (wind turbine foundations, transformer platforms/substations)
  • EPIC contractors (design, build install offshore wind turbine foundations or substations)
  • Pile and foundation design/installation contractors Fabricators
  • Geotechnical engineering consultants/experts (Germany)
  • Certification bodies (Germany)
  • German national authorities involved in approval process (BSH, BAM, BAW)



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