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Social Enterprise solutions

Online Event on the latest developement in Social Enterprise Solutions

For enterprise social networks to thrive, they need to become a place where real work is done, rather than just a "virtual water-cooler". To achieve that, the network needs to be the host of real business processes, whether they be new processes or existing processes migrated into the social network from elsewhere. But simply taking an existing business process and hosting it in a social network fails to take advantage of the inherent benefits of a social environment.

So what is a "social business process", and how does it differ from what we have seen before?

IBM, SugarCRM and BroadVision will present cases and ideas on how to work more productive and collaborate better. Are Social enterprise apps finally delivering the productivity businesses desire by systematically grouping and rating people, information, and processes required to answer business needs?

Join the discussion (or listen in) and we look forward to seeing you online!
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Table of Speakers

Louis RichardsonWorldwide Social Business Evangelist for IBM
Peter NiemeyerPartner Enablement Representative EMEA at SugarCRM
Richard HughesDirector of Product Strategy at BroadVision